Laser Gum Treatment

Laser Gum Treatment

Lanap (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)


Laser treatment is an advanced technique for our doctors to treat gum disease and save many teeth that were previously considered hopeless.  A laser light is used to gently remove harmful bacteria and diseased tissue from the gum pocket.  This allows the body to heal naturally so that the gum pockets improve and the teeth become more stable.  The laser is a wonderful tool that will help many patients bring themselves to a more healthy state.


LANAP offers some dramatic benefits over traditional gum surgery.

Who is a candidate for this therapy?

First it is helpful to know who is not a candidate for Laser Gum Treatment.  Patients who have healthy gums do not need this treatment.  Also, people with superficial gingivitis do not need this form of therapy.  Superficial gingivitis, patients have red swollen gums but have gum pockets less that 5mm.  These patients are classified as Class I.  All other periodontal patients are Class II, Class III, or Class IV.  All these people have gum pockets 5mm or greater, and the higher classes of gum disease correspond to deeper gum pockets, and more loss of bone support to the teeth.  All classes of gum disease greater than Class I are possible candidates for Laser Gum Treatment.

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