Teeth whitening and more in Rochester

Our expert dentists provide a wide variety of services that include oral surgery, periodontics, and straight-wire orthodontics, but we also keep your smile healthy and bright on a regular basis with our general and cosmetic dentistry services. Get your teeth whitened or just come in for a checkup.

General dentistry

Our services cover X-rays, health checks, teeth cleanings, and preventive care measures to keep your smile healthy. Whether you're 18 months or over 80, a regular visit to the dentist will keep your teeth on track to last a lifetime. We can also perform root canals and tooth extractions, and insert tooth colored fillings or apply sealants depending on your needs.

Laser surgery

Ask us about LANAP, our Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure for quick healing, less painful gum surgery. We're one of only two providers in the entire county who are certified to use LANAP, because we're committed to making your life more comfortable with the best possible treatment technology available.

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Cosmetic denistry

Your health is our #1 concern, but that doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful smile you love to show off. We're Rochester's experts in teeth whitening, bridgework, veneers, dental implants, and crowns. We can also replace your fillings with natural ones that fit your smile, and use orthodontics to correct your jaw alignment to achieve your best possible jaw line profile. 
Expert provided teeth whitening service in Rochester, NY
                      Dental implants for a great looking smile!
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